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If Only I Had An E-Cig Right Now!

Trapped in a non-smoking area? Unable to satisfy your nicotine craving during a family gathering or work function? Feeling frustrated and need a quick puff? 21st Century Smoke® has everything you need to help you prepare for all of life’s moments that make you think, “If only I had an ecig right now!” That Failed […]

Benefits of 21st Century Smoke® E-Cigs

You love a good cigarette, but indulging in public is not as simple as it was in years past. Rather than denying yourself the pleasure, why not consider an alternative form of cigarettes that can be enjoyed almost anywhere? This is where the idea of 21st Century Smoke® ecigs comes into play. In fact, choosing […]

E-Cigarette Etiquette

21st Century Smoke electronic cigarettes offer a flameless, smoke-free, and tar-free way to satisfy your nicotine craving while still getting the true smoking experience. The question that many of our E-Cig users face is whether or not they should be following the same rules as those individuals who smoke actual tobacco products. One thing to […]

Awesome Things That Glow Green

If you are an e-cig user, you know there are many choices in the marketplace for your e-juice and vaping needs. Trendy colors seem to permeate the scene, making you choose your favorite brand based on a color tone. You know what color indicates greatness though. Plants love it, and use it to give humans […]