Awesome Things That Glow Green

If you are an e-cig user, you know there are many choices in the marketplace for your e-juice and vaping needs.

Trendy colors seem to permeate the scene, making you choose your favorite brand based on a color tone.

You know what color indicates greatness though.

Plants love it, and use it to give humans great air to breathe. Green is the best color for lifelong success and happiness.

21st Century Smoke knows all about the color green with their bright and glowing LED light on each e-cig. There are so many things that are awesome, just because they glow green.

Take a look at some of these favorites.

1. Glowworms

As the larvae form of fireflies, glowworms are awesome because of their bioluminescence. They emanate a green glow at night, courtesy of their specialized cells. However, you can also count the toy glowworm as an awesome choice too. Those stuffed worms with a light-up face were adorable!

2. Glow Sticks

What Halloween isn’t complete without glow sticks? You can find your way with them or light up a pumpkin. They’re fun to crack too. They only last about a day, but that’s enough time to enjoy them while trick-or-treating.

3. Green Traffic Lights

Hey, if there were no green traffic lights, all of us would either crash into each other or remain stopped at a perpetual red light. In our book, green traffic lights are awesome.

4. Glow-In-The-Dark Slime

It’s gooey and seems to stick everywhere. When your child comes home from a birthday party, they usually have a container of it. Green slime that glows in the dark is fun to play with, while feeling funny between the fingers.

5. Algae Blooms

Those satellite photos of the ocean turning from blue to green are called algae blooms. They pop up periodically, making the water seem to breathe with life. Millions of algae growing together are amazing in nature.

6. Star Wars Lightsaber

Who doesn’t want a light saber in their hand? These green-glowing wonders are great for role-playing or defeating the Dark Side.

7. Glow-In-The-Dark Stars And Planets

Stick them all over your ceiling and walls, turn on a light all day and watch them glow for hours at night. Glow-in-the-dark stars and planets remain cool for kids of all ages, even adults with huge vaulted ceilings.

8. Green Lantern

Being a superhero is awesome, especially when you carry a glowing green light and a power ring. The world is a better place with green glowing everywhere.

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