Even Non-Smokers Appreciate E-Cigs

For years, there has been tension between smokers and non-smokers. Traditional cigarettes produce smoky hazes and odors that others find obnoxious. However, the e-cigarette has given even non-smokers something to celebrate. Because combustion and smoking are not part of the e-cig equation, non-smokers truly appreciate e-cigs for several reasons. No Second Hand Smoke Non-smokers would […]

Why Are Smokers Switching to E-Cigs?

Electronic cigarettes, otherwise known as e-cigs, are designed to provide smokers with an improved and more socially acceptable way to smoke. Smoking has evolved over the years. Initially, smoking cigarettes was viewed as chic, sexy and cool. However, many former smokers have switched to e-cigs for a number of reasons. One reason is that it […]

Benefits of 21st Century Smoke® E-Cigs

You love a good cigarette, but indulging in public is not as simple as it was in years past. Rather than denying yourself the pleasure, why not consider an alternative form of cigarettes that can be enjoyed almost anywhere? This is where the idea of 21st Century Smoke® ecigs comes into play. In fact, choosing […]

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