E-Cig Strength 2.0%

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E-Cigarette 2.0%-Strength Category

At 21st Century Smoke we have a huge selection of low-cost, high-quality cartridge options. This is especially true with our 2.0%-nicotine-strength cartridges. Our biggest category with the greatest number of flavor options, you are sure to find the perfect answer to your vaping needs.

Our 2.0%-strength cartridges are perfect for those who are looking to quit smoking or just looking for a tasty, easy to maintain e-cigarette. If you have historically smoked around a pack of cigarettes a day and are looking to break the habit, this nicotine strength may be the perfect place to start.

21st Century Smoke e-cigarette units are easy to use and maintain, with disposable cartridges and simple-to-clean rechargeable batteries. They are also a great deal. With one of our nicotine cartridges vaping for the approximate equivalent of two-packs of cigarettes, it is a simple matter to note that a new 21st Century Smoke e-cigarette rapidly pays for itself and starts saving you cash.

For a truly maintenance-free experience we offer some of our most popular 2.0%-nicotine e-liquid flavors as whole, disposable e-cigarette units with battery included. Otherwise, all our 2.0%-strength cartridges are compatible with other 21st Century Smoke starter kits and rechargeable batteries. Do not use your 21st Century Smoke products with third-party accessories, as they may be incompatible and cause injury to you or your e-cigarette unit.