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E-Cigarette 1.6% Strength Category

21st Century Smoke’s 1.6%-nicotine cartridges are designed with flexibility in mind, and are the third-lowest strength we offer. Generally giving a noticeable dose of nicotine but without the nicotine buzz of high-strength cartridges, our 1.6%-strength cartridges are an excellent option for those in numerous circumstances.

Perfect for most quitting a cigarette habit of less than a pack a day, 21st Century Smoke’s 1.6%-strength cartridges are also ideal for those “stepping” from higher-nicotine levels. 1.6% strength cartridges are also a great option for non-smokers looking to start vaping with low-nicotine cartridges. Most will not experience the burning throats and headaches many non-smokers get from high-nicotine cartridges.

For anyone looking to emulate an old smoking habit as closely as possible our 1.6%-strength cartridges are made with you in mind. 21st Century Smoke’s kits and batteries match the way a cigarette is smoked with pull-to-vape mouthpieces, avoiding clunky power buttons. With our 1.6%-strength cartridges, we take it even further. Whatever type of cigarettes you smoked, from a dark red to a smooth silver, we have a cartridge to emulate the flavor. Regular or menthol, bold or light, we strive to make each step of quitting easier by fitting the perfect flavor to your vapor needs.

21st Century Smoke’s cartridges are a cheaper option than buying packs of cigarettes, with each cartridge the rough equivalent of two packs of cigarettes. Our e-cigarette units are also extremely easy to maintain. With our disposable cartridges and easy-to-clean batteries, you will have little to worry about concerning the upkeep of the internal components of your e-cigarette. Cheap and stress-free, our e-cigarettes strive to take some of the difficulty out of quitting smoking.

All 21st Century Smoke cartridges are designed to be used with 21st Century Smoke products. Do not use 21st Century Smoke products with third-party accessories, as they may be incompatible and harm you or your e-cigarette