If Only I Had An E-Cig Right Now!

Trapped in a non-smoking area? Unable to satisfy your nicotine craving during a family gathering or work function?

Feeling frustrated and need a quick puff?

21st Century Smoke® has everything you need to help you prepare for all of life’s moments that make you think, “If only I had an ecig right now!”

That Failed Work Project

Remember all those long days, and even longer nights, you spent slaving over a work project hoping to climb the corporate ladder? That time was well-spent, or so you thought, until your boss decides to scrap the project for another one. Seven months of work thrown away in the trash with one statement.

Boring Lecture Time

You enjoy your work industry, but those company meetings and biannual conventions have come to signify a torturous marathon of lectures that bore you to tears. If you are required to sit in a huge auditorium listening to a lecturer drone on and on, be sure you have an ecig handy. It will be the perfect solution to satisfy your cravings without having to shimmy through a row full of your colleagues just to step outside for a smoke. Not only will you avoid causing a disruption, but the stimulating taste might actually help you find some redeeming qualities about the lecture. Your boss would be pleased.


Certain members of your family hate smoking. If they catch even a whiff of tobacco on your clothes, you’ll never hear the end of it. So what’s a smoker to do when gathering with family to celebrate the holidays? In the past you’ve resorted to chain-smoking before the festivities commence, and then find yourself counting down the minutes until it’s time to leave so that you can finally satisfy your craving again. However, with a 21st Century Smoke® ecig you can discreetly grab a puff without exposing your loved ones to any offensive odors.

The Worst Time Out You’ll Ever Take

The sports team you’ve loved since childhood is about to face their most bitter rival in what many are calling the “game of the century.” You snagged a few coveted tickets the moment they went on sale and have been counting down the days until the big event arrives.

Early on in the game your team takes the lead and effectively maintains a comfortable advantage over their opponent throughout the competition. You and every other fan in attendance know that there’s no way the opposing team can even come close to catching up, so you take this as an opportunity to enjoy a quick cig before victory is officially yours.

Little do you know that the designated smoking area is located at the opposite end of the stadium which means about a 45 minute round-trip through a labyrinth of refreshment stands and souvenir shops. When you finally do return to your seat, the game is over, your team has lost, and you just missed the most incredible comeback in the history of competitive sports.

If that doesn’t make you wish you had brought an ecig to inconspicuously use from your seat, you’ll definitely wish you had one as you attempt to exit the stadium amidst a celebrating crowd of the opposing team’s fans.

Your Divorce Lawyer’s Office

So, your spouse is taking the house, car and your favorite German Shepherd in the divorce settlement? Better find an ecig immediately. Your divorce lawyer’s office would be much easier to deal with as you inhale a fruity e-juice flavor. Maybe you could picture yourself on a beach, instead of staring across at your significant other proudly stealing your hard-earned assets.

How Long Is That Line?

The newest tablet is coming out tomorrow, and you are going to stand in line to get one of the first ones. As you venture to the store, you find that the line is wrapped around the building, a full 12 hours before the sale even starts. You better have your ecig ready to go for this line.

Extra cartridges may be in order just to fill the time. Playing games on your cell phone can only entertain you for so long. Regardless of the situation, 21st Century Smoke®  has all of your ecig supplies ready at a moment’s notice.

We’ll ship your critical accessories out in a flash to help you cope with life’s crazy moments. Be sure to prepare now because if your mother-in-law shows up one sunny morning, you’ll definitely need an ecig break by the afternoon.

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