Best Practices When Bringing an Ecig to Your Office

Electronic cigarettes have brought increased freedom to smokers. Smokers were once pushed to the margins of society because of the credible complaints of scent and second hand smoke hazards. Electronic cigarettes helped reduce these concerns, but electronic cigarette users should still exercise etiquette. Consider following these best practices regarding using an electronic cigarette at work. […]

Spring Is in the Air – Get Rid of the Smoke

Spring is that time of year when we look forward to starting over. It is a time of renewed hope accompanied by warmer weather, more sunshine and fresh air. So as long as you’re starting anew, why not use the occasion of spring to switch from tobacco cigarettes to the electronic alternative? Electronic cigarettes offer […]

If Only I Had An E-Cig Right Now!

Trapped in a non-smoking area? Unable to satisfy your nicotine craving during a family gathering or work function? Feeling frustrated and need a quick puff? 21st Century Smoke® has everything you need to help you prepare for all of life’s moments that make you think, “If only I had an ecig right now!” That Failed […]

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