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3 Ways to Keep Your E-Cigarette Battery and Cartridge Happy

The batteries for a traditional e-cigarette setup can be a little tricky to keep in the best condition. Small parts are finicky and delicate at times, but with a few tips and careful maintenance, you can keep the cartridge and battery running in peak condition. Tip #1: Charging Your Vape-Pen Battery Many people are familiar […]

Does Nicotine Strength in Vape Cartridges Affect Their Flavor?

Users of electronic cigarettes inhale the vapor of delivered nicotine (unless there is 0mg nicotine) at various concentrations accompanied by a variety of flavors that include candy, fruit, desserts, beverages, and cocktails that are in cartridges. According to research, there are over 7000 flavors and with nicotine concentrations ranging from 0 to 3.6 percent, e-cigarette […]

Why Do Newbie Vapers Prefer Menthol or Tobacco Flavored Cartridges to Start?

When someone is new to the vaping world they are likely to choose tobacco or menthol flavored cartridges for their e-cigarettes as opposed to other more exotic flavors. There are a few reasons for this preference and it is important to understand how to best tame cigarette cravings in the beginning stages of switching from […]