Does Nicotine Strength in Vape Cartridges Affect Their Flavor?

Users of electronic cigarettes inhale the vapor of delivered nicotine (unless there is 0mg nicotine) at various concentrations accompanied by a variety of flavors that include candy, fruit, desserts, beverages, and cocktails that are in cartridges. According to research, there are over 7000 flavors and with nicotine concentrations ranging from 0 to 3.6 percent, e-cigarette cartridges represent a variety of possible combinations. By knowing the interactive effect of the nicotine concentration and the added flavor, users can better understand what combination of flavor and nicotine strength produces the preferred effect.

Nicotine as a chemical has a flavor that could affect the overall e-cigarette experience. Users describe the flavor like black pepper. However, some of the flavors of nicotine could be due to impurities contained in nicotine used in the manufacture of the cartridge. Contaminants include Anatabine, β-Nicotyrine, Myosmine, and other unknown impurities. Vapers should know that not all nicotine available in e-cigarette cartridges have the same purity level. As a matter of fact, the nicotine levels in the cartridges could fall short of US Pharmacopeia “vaping-grade” quality standards.

What does this mean?

Purity is important not only for taste but unwanted imputes at high levels could also contribute to unwanted health risks that are associated with the inhalation of the impurities. Some vapers have described low purity nicotine as imparting a harsh flavor at the back of the throat that is experienced during the “throat hit.” The harshness could change or influence the flavor of your e-cigarette experience.

Since nicotine has a flavor of its own, one would expect that cartridges with higher concentrations of nicotine to have a more intense nicotine flavor when compared to cartridges with lower concentrations, therefore, the intensity could be expected to have an impact on the flavors added to the cartridge. To counteract the intense flavor, some cartridges are prepared by carefully balancing the nicotine levels with the desired level of flavors preferred by vapers. Vapers anticipate that the balance will deliver a smooth “throat hit” along with the intense flavor of the desired added flavor.

Interestingly, in zero level cartridges, one experiences the effect of vaping the flavor alone. Users have described that experience as unpleasant as nicotine imparts a “throat hit” and an after taste that is desired by them. To mimic the nicotine effect, some zero level cartridges use additives that can recreate the desired peppery effect of nicotine.

The taste of your experience of vaping with an electronic cigarette is the result of the flavor of the nicotine and in some cases, the impurities contained within the nicotine used, combined with the taste of the added flavor. Understandably, cartridges with higher nicotine levels have a different flavor from those with lower nicotine levels, despite having the same flavor on the label.

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