Why Do Newbie Vapers Prefer Menthol or Tobacco Flavored Cartridges to Start?

When someone is new to the vaping world they are likely to choose tobacco or menthol flavored cartridges for their e-cigarettes as opposed to other more exotic flavors. There are a few reasons for this preference and it is important to understand how to best tame cigarette cravings in the beginning stages of switching from regular cigarettes to electronic ones.

These Flavors Taste Most Like Actual Cigarettes
Tobacco reminiscent flavors can help defeat cigarette cravings by offering an experience that can come very close to the real thing. Bold, cool menthol and sweet familiar tobacco flavors help to gently ease consumers in to the vaping experience. These flavors are designed to give new users some of the comforting tastes of smoking an actual cigarette. In fact, the menthol and regular tobacco flavors can be found here at 21st Century Smoke. They are so smooth and satisfying that many vapers prefer them for their electronic cigarette to rather than to those harmful traditional cigarettes. Customers rave about these cartridge flavors and report that they are easily able to quit smoking and start vaping, many times wishing they had started vaping earlier.

Tobacco and Menthol Flavored Cartridges Taste Great
Many users new to vaping report that they choose to vape on these flavors simply because they find them to taste great. Many new users are not ready for the intensity of fruit-type flavors. This may be because it takes time for users to acclimate their pallet to electronic cigarette cartridge flavors after smoking. That would explain why tobacco and menthol flavors are their absolute favorite cartridge choices. These flavors are perfect when one is trying to ensure that they will enjoy their e-cigarette without risking purchasing a flavor that they are still unsure about. Since they are likely to vape a lot at first, it is important that they don’t get tired of their flavor choice. Tobacco and menthol cartridges are not overly intense, and leave a good after-taste.

These are just a couple of the numerous reasons that new e-cig users prefer tobacco and menthol flavored cartridges for their vaping pleasures. They find these flavors to be very similar, if not better, than smoking a traditional cigarette. The delicious nonabrasive taste of these cartridges also helps to gently acclimate users to the experience. For these reasons, menthol and tobacco flavors make great choices for newbie vapers.

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