3 Ways to Keep Your E-Cigarette Battery and Cartridge Happy

The batteries for a traditional e-cigarette setup can be a little tricky to keep in the best condition. Small parts are finicky and delicate at times, but with a few tips and careful maintenance, you can keep the cartridge and battery running in peak condition.

Tip #1: Charging Your Vape-Pen Battery

Many people are familiar with the small vape devices that look like a pen-style or a e-cig device. These are commonly referred to as “electronic cigarettes”, and usually are an all-in-one device ready for you to use, with a pre-filled cartridge attached to the battery. The cartridges twist or pull off, depending on the brand and connector type.

One of the safest and easiest ways to charge your battery is to plug it into the included charger, then into USB to wall charger that matches the output and voltage rating on the USB that came with your E-Cig. Most companies have an AC adapter that is included as well or available for purchase that is compatible and safe to use with your e-cigarette.

You need to make sure you are charging your battery when you are present, in case of any accidents that could happen. Batteries have a simple chemistry to them that can be safely managed when they are attended to and used properly. Avoiding charging them overnight and always being aware of where they are and when they are done charging will help avoid any technical problems.

Tip #2: Keeping Your Cartridge in Optimum Performance

E-cigarettes are usually considered a mouth-to-lung device, with a restrictive, tight inhale into your mouth, to your lungs and then the exhale. This means that you can pull lightly on them and get great response, as the sensors inside are very easily tripped. Drawing with as little pull as possible will keep your cartridge from leaking and working properly, and any accidental leakage can be wiped off easily with a paper towel or dry washcloth.

An additional tip for cartridge maintenance is to make sure you only attach it to the battery with enough force to get in into place.

Tip #3: Storing Your Battery and Cartridge

For storage and travel with your e-cigarette, a great thing to do is to remove the cartridge and battery, and store at least the cartridge upright in a case or bottle. You can also add paper towel or small piece of cloth padding to keep them from being damaged.

The technology behind e-cigarettes is easier when paired with a little bit of DIY information. Having these three tips will hopefully help you to make sure your e-cig is consistent, and that you can enjoy your experience with it.

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