Even Non-Smokers Appreciate E-Cigs

For years, there has been tension between smokers and non-smokers. Traditional cigarettes produce smoky hazes and odors that others find obnoxious.

However, the e-cigarette has given even non-smokers something to celebrate.

Because combustion and smoking are not part of the e-cig equation, non-smokers truly appreciate e-cigs for several reasons.

No Second Hand Smoke

Non-smokers would complain about second-hand smoke bothering their eyes, especially allergysufferers. With e-cigs, traditional second-hand smoke does not exist. When an e-cig user exhales, the so-called “smoke” seen is actually mostly water vapor. It simply evaporates into the sky. If more traditional cigarette users switched to e-cigs, second-hand smoke would be a thing of the past.

No Litter

With e-cigs you don’t have leftover butts or matches to throw away. Many traditional cigarette users litter around trash cans, trying to put out the cigarette’s flame before leaving. E-cigs are fully contained. The heating element warms the e-juice and remains in the e-cig permanently. Non-smokers appreciate cleaner trash areas, especially if young children are nearby.

Reduced Fire Hazard

You’ve seen the scenario of a traditional cigarette user throwing their lit cigarette out the window, creating a possible fire hazard. Because of e-cigs’ integrated heating element, there are no lighters, matches or butts to worry about. An e-cig user inhales, which activates the heating element. Once the inhalation is complete, the heating element immediately shuts off. Even if the user places the e-cig down, or even drops it, the heating element cannot activate. This particular safety mechanism makes e-cigs better and safer for everyone.

No Smell

Traditional cigarettes are full of tobacco, nicotine and other substances. When they are burned, non-smokers smell the telltale sign of a smoker. However, e-cigs are completely different in their vapor scent. They taste and smell fruit or even chocolate. Water vapor that wafts away from the user is barely smelled by non-smokers.

At 21st Century Smoke®, we pride ourselves on a huge selection of e-cig supplies.

You’ll find that your e-cig use is not that bothersome to others.

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