Why Do Some Vapers Start at 0% Nicotine Cartridges?

Vaping has become quite popular over the course of the past several years leading up to now. More than a trend, some people have been able to quit smoking with no relapse or nicotine gum. The vaping craze started by people who thought they would look “cool” smoking with something that didn’t have a high chance of making them pay for it early after seeing others try it. Electronic Cigarettes give smokers a small and decreasing dose of nicotine so they could break the habit of smoking. However, there are newbie vapers who prefer to start at 0% nicotine cartridges, which is what we’re going to mostly cover here.

Vaping has become a pastime for people, even if they never had a problem with smoking to begin with. It isn’t always another option to quit smoking, as those that have made a hobby of it vape not because there is nicotine to keep them hooked, but to experience the feeling of the vapor through a smooth and satisfying inhale and exhale. Vaping has a calming effect for those who want relax and ease their nerves. A better alternative that still works for them without becoming a dangerous crutch.

There are many options for different flavors for 0% nicotine cartridges that only adds more positives, thoughts, and feelings to those who enjoy vaping without nicotine. Some are easy to guess and simple like strawberry or mint, but others are a bit more exotic such as Belgian Cocoa. These 0% nicotine cartridges are often used because nicotine can be felt in the throat when vaping, reducing the smoothness of the inhale. Some vapers prefer a smoother experience so they avoid the nicotine cartridges.

Vapers who enjoy mint or menthol flavors will find it kind of strong if nicotine is in the cartridge as well. The flavors already increase that pepper-like feeling in the throat and nicotine would only increase that feeling. Although, some can enjoy vaping stronger vapor like that. Avoiding those flavors and nicotine is the best way to assure a nice smooth inhale and exhale for those who revel in the calming effects of those more mild cartridges.

With how many flavors are available, and different amounts of nicotine for each gives vapers a large variety to choose from and that gives e-cigarettes a broader appeal. A cigarette alternative for some and a hobby for others, vaping has become a billion-dollar industry and has even recently been gaining traction in China where most vaping devices still come from. No matter what part of the world vapers are in, they all are looking for their own optimal experience, even if it means starting at 0% nicotine to get the satisfaction they need.

Some are looking for something strong packed with flavor and a closer nicotine equal that keeps them from going back to regular cigars; others want something mild and soothing to break the habit of using chewing tobacco (no need to spit), or are looking for that calming effect without inhaling hot ash.

The world of vaping has grown to a point where there are even “vape friendly cities” and travel destinations for tourists. It has grown into something more than a fad, but for some, a part of their lifestyle. There is even a competitive community for those who enjoy vaping (the more advanced vapers are in these types of communities). So no matter how much or how little someone may be into vaping, there is a flavor and nicotine level available for them.

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  1. Fred Miller says:

    I started on 21st E-cigs in 2012, with 1.6% nicotine. I gradually lowered the nic level over a period of 6 months. Today, I have been nicotine free for five years. I have never had the urge to return. Your E-cigs have the same experience as conventional tobacco cigarettes.

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