How To Store Your Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes have become very popular, especially among the smokers looking to quit the nasty habit. Unlike a cigarette, you do not throw an electric cigarette away after your vaping session.

When storing your e-cigarette, you should ensure that you do not store it in areas:


That can be accessed by kids or pets.

When deciding on where you should store your electronic cigarette, you should ensure that its storage point will not bring harm to your loved ones. Children are curious by nature and they love to mimic adults. First, ensure that your kids do not know where the device is stored and avoid placing it on the bookshelf or under your pillow. Children are very adventurous and can climb up the shelf just to get a hold of it. Placing it under your pillow is also a terrible idea. E-cigarettes should be stored vertically to avoid leakages. Placing it under your pillow would mean it is placed horizontally. This may cause a leakage, and since kids access your bed whenever they want to, the e-liquid may encounter your child’s skin, causing nicotine poisoning. The e-liquid used in e-cigs contains nicotine and if it meets your skin, it can get absorbed into the body. For adults, this is not a major threat, but when it comes to children and pets, it can be very dangerous. Children have a smaller body weight which contributes greatly to their reaction when they absorb nicotine. To keep your kids safe, ensure that your electric cigarette and its accessories are well stored in places that are out of reach for both children and pets. Having it under lock and key is probably ideal.

That will expose the device to direct light and extreme temperatures.

Storing your electronic cigarette in places which are exposed to direct light or heat is also not a good idea. The liquid, regardless if the device has a tank or a cartridge, is sensitive to heat and light. If the device is exposed to extreme heat, the liquid loses its original quality and taste. Heat may also cause damage to your device. During the winter season, if the device is exposed to extremely low temperature, such as leaving your device in the basement or garage shelf, oxidation slows down and this may cause the liquid to clog in the atomizer.

That will expose the device to water.

When storing your electric cigarette, ensure that the storage place does not expose your device to water. The device is battery powered, and just like any other battery powered device, water is the last thing that should encounter it. The only time your device should meet water is when you are cleaning it, but, even when cleaning the device, you need to be careful. Heating the atomizer and dipping the device in water to remove the excess gunk that has gathered on the coil is an effective way of doing so, but ensure that you do it correctly to avoid damaging your device.


I hope these tips will be of help when storing your device. You may also consider buying a storage carrying case from 21st Century Smoke , as it would be ideal in ensuring that you properly store your e-cigarette.

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