Pay Attention to Your Electronic Cigarette’s LED Light

We are in the 21st-Century, and this means we require 21st-Century related gadgets. As a current smoker, you must have heard of an e-cigarette. If you are looking for a smokeless device, the electronic cigarette offers you this choice.

Most 21st Century Smoke Kits contains the following:

  • A rechargeable battery
  • A single USB charger
  • A single disposable refill cartridge

The express cartridge contains two cigarette packs. If you are the kind of smoker who prefers disposable yet rechargeable e-cigarettes, this is the best option. However, while using the kit, you need to pay extra attention to the LED light.

2 important things to consider:


1. Watch the Vapor Volume

A decrease in vapor volume is not a good sign. You should be able to notice this from the LED lighting. If the LED tip starts blinking, this is an indication that the vapor volume is low. This means that you need to recharge the battery. The blinking may also be an indicator of dirty battery connection.

2. Watch the Indicator Light When Charging

When properly charged, the battery should last you an entire day. You should watch the indicator light and note the color change. Normally, when the battery is charged, the indicator light should go off. This shows that the e-cigarette unit is filled with the juice. At times, you may notice the lighting persisting, even over 45 minutes of charging. If this is the case, disconnect the charging as the red glow is not a good sign.

How to Carefully Use and Take Care of the Electronic Cigarette

The following guides help you to effectively do this:

  • Avoid overcharging the battery as this kills it.
  • Unscrew the cartridge whenever the e-cigarette is unused for long as this drains the battery.
  • Always ensure that the battery connections are clean.

One of the very important components of the e-cigarette is the LED light. With a few different roles, the LED light will let the vaper know when the e-cigarette is working or that it needs to be charged. When drawing through the device, this light will flash and indicate that it is working properly. On the other hand, if the battery has been used and needs to be recharged, the LED light will blink.

Therefore, it is crucial for every buyer of these products to pay close attention to the LED light. Not doing so can result in drawing through an e-cigarette that is not working properly which can be a health hazard. Also, one may fail to recharge it when needed or overcharge it at times, which will have a detrimental effect of the lithium battery.

With over a thousand positive reviews from world-wide customers, 21st Century Smoke proud themselves in creating high-quality vaping devices. Since every part of the device is crucial to the main objective, the LED light is no different. This simple addition is what will help one know when it is the time to recharge their e-cig.

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