Making a Statement with E-Cigs

There’s no doubt about it. Smoking traditional cigarettes is definitely considered a taboo as public service announcements step up their efforts to make smokers think twice about their choices. Popular or not, many people still choose to light up, even as the expense of cigarettes continue to skyrocket. If you are one of a growing number of open-minded individuals who opt for e-cigarettes, you’re joining a group that could turn the tide and revolutionize the smoking industry. Realize it or not, choosing e-cigarettes says something about the kind of person you are. Go with E-Cigarettes and Create a Force of Positive Attraction When you go the route of e-cigarettes from 21st Century Smoke® you do more than unlock a host of options, you also make yourself more appealing. Gone are the days of trying to cover the smell of smoke on your breath or in your clothes. You’re picking an alternative that is not a fire hazard and you won’t be walking around in a cloud of smoke. That nicotine fix can still be yours and you can choose from various levels to satisfy your cravings. If you’re one of those people who always needs something in your mouth, you’ve found an excellent way to have personal satisfaction. Best of all, you’ll have more money in your pocket than you would with traditional cigarettes and you can smoke in most public places. If you are a person who simply has to get your daily dose of nicotine and have that satisfying feeling that comes with cigarettes, you can have your cake and eat it too. Choosing 21st Century Smoke® products proves that you have learned the art of compromise. In a world where live and let live often doesn’t happen, you aren’t stepping on anyone’s toes while you still get what you want. As an E-Cig Smoker, You Show Respect for Others Many smokers have an attitude when it comes to the restrictions on traditional cigarettes. They’ll rant and rave about it being a free country, claiming they should have the right to smoke anywhere they want. However, those who do not smoke have the right to clean air and should not be subjected to second-hand smoke if they find it unpleasant or intrusive. Choose e-cigarettes and you demonstrate your appreciation for others and their right to live a smoke-free life.

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