E-Cigarette Retail/Wholesale

Retailers looking for the opportunity to sell a popular new product have chosen to partner with 21st Century Smoke® because we offer the highest quality electronic cigarettes with a two-piece design, which is the most popular design because it is easiest to use.

We have both rechargeable and disposable e-cigarettes, in-store marketing materials, lockable display cases to prevent theft and access by minors, a competitive price-point and much more.

Not sure if e-cigarettes are right for your business? Consider the numerous advantages they offer. Consumers have gravitated towards e-cigarettes because they cost less than traditional cigarettes and produce vapor, not smoke, so you can look forward to a cost-effective, clean and pleasant experience while using them.

With e-cigarettes there is no smell in the air, on your hands or on your clothes. The vapor that comes from the end of an e-cigarette is produced by a mixture of glycol or glycerine, water, food grade flavoring and in some cases, liquid nicotine.

None of these ingredients have a scent except the food flavoring, and the vapor doesn’t contain enough scent from the flavoring to be noticeable. You will get great flavor from an e-cigarette, but virtually no smell. In addition to flavors, e-cigarette cartridges come in different colors.

The colors usually coordinate with the flavors to make it easy to keep track of different flavor cartridges, and all the colors coordinate with the white “cigarette paper” color of the batteries. The cost of e-cigarettes is low, with rechargeable batteries that last through multiple charges without needing to be replaced.

One cartridge is equivalent to about two packs of cigarettes.

Since e-cigarettes are operated by battery, there is no hazardous flame involved.

This also means there’s no need to carry a lighter. In addition, there’s no need for an ashtray.

E-cigarettes are extremely portable.

An e-cigarette is activated when you draw on it or by a button if you’re using a manual e-cigarette vaporizer. When you’re not using the e-cigarette the battery is off, so you can store it just about anywhere, although it is recommended to NOT store loose in a purse or put in a pocket.

If you would like more information about our products or about our wholesale opportunity for your business, please contact us.

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  1. Steve Bianchi says:

    Hi……had some trouble finding a retailer for your 21st Century products in Rhode Island on your website…..if you can, please send me the info by e-mail….I have enjoyed your products for six years….I would rather not order them through the mail……Thanks!

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