Disposable E-Cigs: Getting Your Feet Wet in the Vape World

Vaping has become more than just a trend. It really has shaped up to be a way of life that allows people to enjoy the pleasures of smoking without the dangers of tobacco and other chemicals that are in traditional cigarettes. With vaping, there are no burn holes in clothing, no nicotine-stained teeth and fingers, and no stale odors that cling to hair, clothing, and furniture.

However, with all that just said, vaping can seem intimidating to beginners. Why? Well, with so many choices and options on today’s market, newcomers can have a hard time deciding where to start. That is why 21st Century Smoke Disposable Electronic Cigarettes are an excellent choice for those who are new to vaping for several reasons.

An Easy to Use System

MODs and tank systems (RDAs and RBAs) are confusing and sometimes can get a bit messy. Separate purchases are required for the tank, the coils, the battery, and the e-juices. 21st Century Smoke Disposables come complete with everything you need to start vaping. Simply remove the rubber cap, place in your mouth and inhale. That’s all. Because this product is disposable, YOU MUST NOT attempt to reuse, refill, or recharge in anyway. Once you finish this e-cigarette, dispose of it in a safe manner.

Variety of Flavor Selections and Strengths

21st Century disposable e-cigs come in a large variety of flavors. In addition to regular and menthol flavors, there are a variety of fruit flavors, too. They all come in 2% nicotine strength. This means that as you ease your way into vaping, you don’t get blasted with a throat hit that could potentially ruin the entire experience. These flavors are nice and smooth, and there are reasons why consumers continue to make the switch to them.

Looks and Feels like a Cigarette

21st Century Smoke Disposable E-Cigs look and feel like real cigarettes. Unlike bulky, messy tank systems, disposable e-cigs make the transition from traditional smoking to vaping seamless and simple.
There are a myriad of benefits to vaping, including a heightened sense of taste and smell, easier breathing, and improved circulation. And the cost savings are immense when comparing the cost of just one disposables to the cost of 4 packs of traditional cigarettes. With 21st Century Smoke Disposable E-Cigarettes, all of the confusion and guesswork is removed, so beginners can enjoy vaping to the fullest. And like our motto says: “The 21st Century Smoke® Disposable is a great way to experience the newest smoking sensation.”

21st Century Smoke strives to offer the latest technology, highest quality and competitive pricing. In addition to our flavorful cartridges, we have terrific customer service and prompt shipping. Inhale the savings & exhale smooth flavor!