Seniors Can Benefit From Vaping E-Cigarettes

Seniors who smoke may be “set in their ways” when it comes to choice cigarette brands. Truth is, many senior smokers are on fixed incomes. Budgeting for a carton of their usual cigarette brand often means swapping money from another budgeted item. Spending large amounts of money on a long-term smoking habit isn’t smart when other alternatives are available.

An electronic cigarette is less expensive than a carton of traditional cigarettes, and it offers seniors an affordable alternative in continuing their smoking habit via vaping. E-cigarettes are personalized smoking products; strengths of nicotine are varied and they come in a variety of flavors. Seniors may choose a tobacco or menthol e-cig flavor by closely matching the flavor of their long term smokes.

E-cigarettes allow the senior consumer to take control of their smoking habit rather than cigarette manufacturers determining changes to their fixed income budgets.

A senior may balk at the e-cig alternative. They may see millennials vaping rather than smoking, often using cumbersome gadgets, and then hesitate to join the vaping crowd. A misconception of the vaping population often prevents seniors from taking the step to better affordable alternatives to smoking.

Vaping is not an age related activity, as they’ll be surprised at the number of folks 50 and over who decided to make the switch to vaping, not only for the better price, but also for the lower amount of carcinogens found in these products.

Many see the lack of tars as a plus when choosing to vape as well.

Now, speaking of vaping “gadgets, how do seniors feel about them? Many appear to be extremely difficult to use and are often intimidating to seniors. MODs and portable vaporizers are part of that new technological vape wave that today’s vaper generation enjoys using. First impressions remain with folks, and seniors may feel silly with extravagant vaping devices.

However, they must remember that vaping is a highly personalized experience, and basic e-cigarettes and pen-style vapes are offered in less cumbersome and more simplified forms from 21st Century Smoke. Also, disposable e-cigarettes are a great way for them to test the vaping waters.

E-cigarette starter kits and express e-cigarette kits are simple in form and function. They mimic the appearance of a real cigarette, and they are simple to operate – with self-contained batteries and cartridges for vaping “juice”, the substance that creates the “smoke”. Seniors may find the streamlined look a plus.

The ease of use is another plus for them. Holding the device is not that much different than holding a cigarette. Because of the similarities to a real cigarette, e-cig kits and express kits are just the option for seniors wanting to give vaping a try. E-cig kits are reasonably priced, usually under $10.00. How long would an e-cig kit last? It’s all dependent on the individual’s vaping habits.

Vaping is a choice that senior smokers may wish to consider as a less expensive option. These products are as individualized as the smoker. At a cost of under $10.00 to give vaping a try from 21st Century Smoke, it’s an easy choice that may bring long, lasting benefits to seniors across the country.

21st Century Smoke strives to offer the latest technology, highest quality and competitive pricing. In addition to our flavorful cartridges, we have terrific customer service and prompt shipping. Inhale the savings & exhale smooth flavor!