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E-Cigarette Strength Zero (0.0%) Category

21st Century Smoke is devoted to all your vaping needs. We know for some these needs can involve quitting an old smoking habit. When the time comes to make that final step from smoking or vaping nicotine to vaping non-nicotine cartridges we have you covered. Coupled with our 21st Century Smoke rechargeable battery, our zero-nicotine cartridges emulate the experience of smoking a cigarette without the foul smell and addictive nicotine.

There are many reasons to consider using zero-nicotine cartridges. You may be looking to cut out nicotine entirely, though not everyone is comfortable with such a jump. If you’re not quite ready to take the full step, our cartridges are great for supplementing your regular-nicotine vape sessions with occasional use of a zero-nicotine cartridge. Not limited to smokers quitting the habit, zero-strength cartridges are also great for non-smokers looking to enjoy vaporizing without the fear of nicotine addiction.

With regular and menthol flavors, as well as different pack sizes on offer, you can be assured of finding exactly what you want. With our excellent service to go with the superb product, you can also feel secure in getting what you need, no matter your reasons for needing it.

Excellent value can be counted on at 21st Century Smoke. One e-cigarette cartridge from 21st Century Smoke is the equivalent of two packs of cigarettes. To sweeten the deal, a pack of 3 zero-strength cartridges costs about the same as 1 pack of cigarettes. If you purchase the 30-cartridge pack you get more for even less, as every 9 cartridges in the pack gets you 1 cartridge free. Getting savings in your pocket may be all the incentive you need to make the final step in your quitting-smoking journey, and you could use every advantage.

*Use only certified 21st Century Smoke products with our e-cigarette cartridges. Third-party accessories can be dangerous or incompatible, and cause damage to you or your e-cigarette.