21st E Cig Menthol Kit – Disposable Review

Here’s What Customers Bought:

Imagine that you are able to get your nicotine fix in public, well right now you can’t, because smoking is banned in public places. But using a vape pen to deliver your nicotine is acceptable.This is exactly the reason why 21st Century Smoke E-Cigs have become the #1 Electronic Cigarette bought in convenience stores in the last few years. 21st Century Smoke brand electronic cigarette can deliver a dose of nicotine between 1.6% to 2.4% nicotine strength e-juice to calm your cravings. Cigarette Smoke is gone, the only thing you blow out after using an electronic cigarette is water vapor. Electronic Cigs are an excellent choice for men who are trying to lower their nicotine cravings, or are looking for a better choice than regular smoking cigarettes. What’s better, 21st Century E-Cigs come in a wide variety of e-juice flavor ranging from classic tobacco to Strawberry and even Blueberry. Forget everything, it’s easy to start you moving off of traditional cigarettes to the new 21st Century Smoke 1.6% Nicotine Strength Kit. Guess what, it’s very cheap to start, for only $8.99 you can get a Regular or Menthol nicotine cartridge, a rechargeable e-cig battery, the USB charger and the flip-top box kit. Millions of smokers lives are changing when they Join The E-Cig Era with 21st Century Smoke, all because to low-tech e-cig technology. Forget about ashes.Who needs cigarette butts.Who needs disgusting, dirty ashtrays.Forget about bad breath or cigarette smells on your nice shirt. Buy A Starter Kit today with 21st Century Smoke. Join The E-Cig Era!