21st Century Smoke Menthol E Cig vs South Beach Smoke – Bloodbath


Here’s What Happy E-Cig Customers Bought:

The 21st Century Smoke® Electronic Cigarette Rechargeable Kit contains: 1 disposable Menthol Express refill cartridge with self-contained atomizer (cartomizer) 1 rechargeable battery 1-110 AC wall charger Each Menthol Express cartridge is comparable to approximately 2 packs of cigarettes.

The 21st Century Smoke® Rechargeable Kits are the most affordable way to satisfy your nicotine cravings.

For customers who prefer the disposable electronic cigarette but want a rechargeable, it’s the only way to go.

Compatible with all rechargeable 21st Century Smoke® batteries. Cartridges contain 1.6% Nicotine per ml.

White Cloud Cirrus Electronic Cigarettes claims to be one of the best providers of electronic cigarettes in the market.

The company invests in development and research to come up with high quality products so that it can pride itself on high standards that all vapers can rely on.

The company experiences a low product failure rate as a result of this. Its cartridges and batteries in particular last longer than other brands.

The company’s main objective is to create a loyal and strong group of customers that continue to grow as the product continues to improve.

They seek to share the knowledge to other people so that all vapers can enjoy the experience of vaping more than smoking regular cigarettes. White Cloud takes the feedback of the customers seriously and uses it to improve its products.

They are also constantly striving to use the most up-to-date innovations and technology in their e-cigarettes.

It’s difficult being a smoker because many public places have banned smoking which is why finding a place to smoke when you’re craving your nicotine is hard. This is absolutely the reason 21st Century Smoke E-Cigs have dominated the shelves of convenience stores throughout the U.S. since 2010.

21st Century Smoke E Cigarette products deliver a dose of 1.6% to 2.4% nicotine strength e juice to relieve you of your cravings.

Cigarette Smoke is not an issue when it comes to electronic cigarette;.e-cigs give off water vapor when you vape them. E-Cigs are perfect for people trying to reduce their nicotine intake, or are looking to try an alternative to regular cigarettes.

Guess what, 21st Century E-Cigarettes come in a vast variety of e-liquid flavors ranging from Sweet Strawberry to Classic Tobacco.

They even have Grape and Blueberry e-cig flavors. Guess what, it’s not hard to begin your move to electronic cigarettes by starting with 21st Century Smoke 1.6% Starter Kit.

Look at this, for only $8.99 for Regular & $8.99 for Menthol, you get a 1.6% nicotine strength cartridge, a e-cig rechargeable battery, a USB charger and the box. Millions of smokers are Joining the E-Cig Era with 21st Century Smoke E-Cigarettes, thanks to low-tech vapor technology.

Don’t worry about ashes.Cigarette Butts are gone..Stinky smelly ashtrays are done forever.Forget about bad breath or cigarette smells on your nice shirt.

Run and try 21st Century Smoke E-Cigs now. Join The E-Cig Era!

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