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 Just imagine the possible flavor profiles as you mix and match the seemingly endless options.

Spotlighting the Fruit Flavors From 21st Century Smoke
Prominent electronic cigarette retailer 21st Century Smoke has rolled out a line of flavors for every taste. They've found through market research that the flavors most are gravitating to are the fruit, candy, and dessert flavors. 21st Century Smoke currently has four delicious flavors that deliver clean, flavorful, and satisfying pulls.

Flavors to Choose From:

  1. Regular- For those who want that traditional cigarette taste or are striving to reduce or eliminate their tobacco intake.
    2. Menthol- For those who want that minty taste or are striving to reduce or eliminate their tobacco intake.
    3. Fruit Flavors
    1. Cherry- A great blend of flavor that meets somewhere in the middle of a less intense black cherry and a ripe, sweet, and juicy
    red cherry.
    2. Grape- The Heavenly taste of deep dark concord sweet grapes that has more or a sugary sweet than a natural one, but is my
    hands down favorite.
    3. Strawberry- With a taste so refreshing you'll feel like you're biting into the meaty pulp of a bright red harvest ready strawberry.
    4. Blueberry- The blueberries flavor will burst in your mouth and leave you smiling as your natural inclination will be to come in f
    or another pull.
    4. Cool Mint- A delicious, cool, and refreshing taste that is perfect after a meal or nightcap.
    5. Proprietary Blends (Premium Silver, Ultra Gold, & Top Shelf)- These unique flavorful blends each have their own signature taste that is invigorating and satisfying.The Express Cartridge Pack
    Each of the above flavors come in express cartridge packs and each pack comes stocked with 3 disposable cartridges that are fully refillable. Equipped with its own independent atomizer/cartomizer, each cartridge is equivalent to 2 packs of traditional cigarettes.

Cartridges typically hold 2.0% Nicotine per milliliter, but larger dose cartridges are available. They have implemented new foil backed cartridges to preserve the flavor and quality of the taste. Please be aware that all cartridges are created to be used with 21st Century Smoke's devices.

With new taste profiles being introduced frequently, the future of e-cigarettes seems to be a flavorful one for smokers.