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E-Cigarette 2.4%-Strength Category

Quitting smoking can feel daunting, especially as a heavy smoker. If you have historically smoked more than a pack of cigarettes a day, the cravings alone are difficult enough. At 21st Century Smoke we have the e-cigarette cartridge to satisfy your hand-to-mouth urges and stop the nicotine withdrawals. Our 2.4%-strength-nicotine cartridges are the highest strength we offer, and are jammed with enough nicotine to take the edge off even the worst cravings.

Whatever flavor of cigarette you used to smoke, we have a cartridge flavor to match. Menthol cigarette smokers can look to 21st Century Smoke’s cool mint or menthol flavors, while regular cigarette smokers have taste choices ranging from the dark Top Shelf to lighter Premium Silver. With great tasting vapor without the stale-smoke aftertaste, bad smell, or stained walls, it is simple to see why so many people have switched to 21st Century Smoke e-cigarettes.

Using 21st Century Smoke products can save you money. Each 21st Century Smoke cartridge is the approximate equivalent of two packs of cigarettes. With a three-pack of cartridges going for about the same cost as a pack of cigarettes, it is clear to see how much cash switching to our e-cigarettes will save you. The more you buy, the more you save. With these great deals and our fast service, 21st Century Smoke’s 2.4%-strength cartridges are cheap and convenient.

Paired with 21st Century Smoke’s rechargeable battery, you smoke our e-cigarette units just like a cigarette, with our pull-to-vape design. Perfect for the first-time vaper, our disposable cartridges and easy-to-clean battery connectors keep your vaping experience easy and stress-free.

To keep the vapor flowing, never use 21st Century Smoke products with third-party accessories. Pairing your 21st Century Smoke products with incompatible hardware can cause malfunctions, resulting in harm to you or your e-cigarette unit.