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E-Cigarette 1.0% Strength Category

Not every cigarette smoker was once a pack-a-day case. There are those who have regularly partaken in only a few cigarettes a day and no more. Having a smoke here and there throughout the day can get you addicted, same as heavy smoking, but it may be unnecessary to get a high-strength-nicotine cartridge when the time comes to quit with your new 21st Century Smoke e-cigarette unit.

Of course, you could be looking to step down from a higher-nicotine cartridge to the lowest-nicotine cartridge we offer; that’s okay, too. Whatever the path looks like for you 21st Century Smoke 1.0%-nicotine cartridges can make each stride a little easier.

With superbly-easy maintenance and extreme portability, our cartridges are perfect for a no-fuss, stress-free vaping session. Like all 21st Century Smoke cartridges properly paired with our battery units, using your 21st Century Smoke e-cigarette is easy as taking a pull from the mouthpiece. With our pull-to-vape design our e-cigarette units feel like smoking a cigarette.

Slim and light like a cigarette but without the tobacco stains and smells, 21st Century Smoke 1.0%-strength cartridges and batteries are built to emulate the experience of smoking a cigarette. We offer cartridges in regular and menthol flavors to cover your flavor needs and package our cartridges with foil-backing, so your flavors stay fresh for longer.

Our 1.0%-strength cartridges are also an excellent value. One 21st Century Smoke cartridge is the rough equivalent of two packs of cigarettes. Meanwhile, a three-pack of our cartridges costs about the same as a pack of cigarettes. The more you buy the more you save: When you purchase a 30-pack of 21st Century Smoke e-cigarette cartridges each ninth cartridge earns you a free one.

Use only certified 21st Century Smoke products with our e-cigarette cartridges. Third-party accessories can be dangerous or incompatible and cause damage to you or your e-cigarette.