When Should A Vaper Move From Disposable E-Cigs to Rechargeable E-Cigs?

Make the Switch Disposable E-Cigs to Rechargeables

If you have been using disposable electronic cigarettes for a while, it would be understandable if you had a few questions concerning the rechargeable e-cigarettes here at 21st Century Smoke. The number one question that should be asked is if it is cheaper to invest in a rechargeable e-cig? With the cost of disposable e-cigs almost equaling regular cigarettes, it would behoove you to invest in a rechargeable e-cig. Below, we have several more reasons when you should move from disposable e-cigs to rechargeable e-cigs.

When You Want a Battery to Last Longer
First, you need to consider what the benefits are of having a rechargeable e-cigarette. The main benefit is that their battery life lasts significantly longer. So no more having to dispose of them after their charge is gone. This benefit alone should make you smile. You might have to get used to it at first because you don’t want to accidentally throw your rechargeable e-cig away.

When You Want to Make Your Electronic Cigarette a Bit More Customizable
The biggest claim that people make regarding disposable e-cigs is that they don’t have to do much with them to be able to vape. That is all fine and dandy if you only casually vape. But, for those of you who are looking to advance to the new level of rechargeable e-cigs, then chances are you would want to customize yours. This includes being able to adjust the airflow, use differently flavored e-liquids, increase wattage to create thicker clouds and of course, a longer battery life. These customizations are what disposable e-cig users look for when they decide to move to the rechargeable e-cigs.

When You Notice Yourself Saving Money
Sure, disposable e-cigs cost less than rechargeable ones do, but unlike rechargeables, you are having to purchase one on average once or twice a week. If you see yourself vaping a lot more often in the day, the cost of disposables could add up quick. This is when rechargeable e-cigs come in and save the day, and save you some money each month. Just think, every time you recharge your e-cig, that would be around the same time when you run out to purchase another disposable.

When Quality Starts to Matter
There is a lot to say about the amount of quality that you receive while using e-cigs. Everything from the e-liquids and the type of device you like to use the most. Although rechargeable e-cigs look bulky in size, you will be surprised at how good the quality can be in comparison to disposables. Not only are they built to last longer, but they are easy to customize. Rechargeables also offer a bigger variety of flavored e-liquids that include many fruity flavors.

When You Realize More E-juice Flavors Exist
Unless you don’t mind the limited amount of flavors that disposables come with then you won’t mind knowing what you are missing out on. So besides just sticking to watermelon or peach, try imagining vaping on a wider amount of fruit mixes or chocolate mixes. This is what rechargeable e-cigs offer.

So there you have it. Hopefully, you will be able to make the right choice for yourself without feeling pressured. If anything, if you determine that you are comfortable with what you vape with, then stay with it.