Top 3 Tobacco-Flavored Cartridges

Quality vaping involves using the right tobacco-flavored cartridge. The current market is supplied with many options, and it is upon you to identify what suits your vaping preference. Whatever you go for, it should be convenient and cost-effective. Below are three of the best tobacco-flavored cartridges from 21st Century Smoke that you can use to make vaping enjoyable.

Tobacco Cartridge Flavor #1: Ultra Gold
This category of flavored cartridges is supplied with several pack options which are disposable. The packs vary, depending on the nicotine percentage present and number of cartridges. There is a total of 14 market options in this category from 21st Century Smoke and here are some of them:

  • 6 pack refills containing a total of 36 cartridges: The class has options such as 2.4%, 2.0%, and 1.6% per ml nicotine packs. All the three sell for $67.46 each.
  • 6 pack refills containing 72 cartridges: The packs sell for $125.92 each and they vary in nicotine percentage as 2.4%, 2.0%, and 1.6% options.
  • 1 pack refill pack containing 6 disposable cartridges: Each cartridge pack is comparable to 2 packs of regular cigarettes and you can get them in 1.6%, 2.0%, and 2.4% nicotine options.
  • Disposable e-Cig: These cartridges contain 2.0% nicotine and sell for $3.99.

Tobacco Cartridge Flavor #2: Premium Silver
This category of cartridges is very enticing. The cartridges are found in refills and disposable options, and they also vary in prices depending on the number of cartridges in a pack and the nicotine percentage difference. The options from 21st Century include 2.4%, 2.0%, and 1.6% nicotine packs. All of them have the following options:

  • 36 pack at $67.46
  • 7 pack at $125.92
  • 1 pack at $11.24
  • 6 pack at $14.99

Tobacco Cartridge Flavor #3: Top Shelf
There is no doubt that Top Shelf cartridges are the best. The flavored packs draw attention to a wider vaping market. They are also found in disposable and refill options. They vary in prices depending on the cartridge number and nicotine levels. There are a total of 14 market options and here are some of them:

  • $67.46 for a 36 pack of 2.4%, 2.0% or 1.6% nicotine
  • $125.92 for a 72 pack of 2.4%, 2.0% or 1.6% nicotine
  • $11.24 for a single pack of 2.45, 2.0% or 1.6% nicotine

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The above discussed flavored cartridges are the best in the region. As you can see, 21st Century Smoke ensures that you get the best vaping experience by availing flexible market options to meet your vaping needs.

21st Century Smoke strives to offer the latest technology, highest quality and competitive pricing. In addition to our flavorful cartridges, we have terrific customer service and prompt shipping. Inhale the savings & exhale smooth flavor!